Practice Areas

Lawsuits related to any kind of tax dispute,

Removal of tax asssesments based on tax-penalty notifications,

Cancellation of payment orders,

Actions claiming the removal of attachment and provisional attachment orders imposed by tax offices,

Participation in tax commissions,

The follow up of the criminal cases related to the crimes of deceiving or misleading documents by fraudulent or content in accordance with the Tax Procedural Law Article 359,

Other tax penal cases follow suit,

Preparation of contracts, evaluation of existing contracts and reporting to related parties,

Following up all types of actions brought in the name of or against the client, especially labor cases,

Following termination of employee contracts procedures,

Internal and external legal correspondence, examination of official correspondence,

Answering daily legal questions,

Reporting legal developments related to the ongoing lawsuits to the concerned on a monthly and annually basis,

Preparation of business contracts,

Legal counseling related to the legal obligations required to comply with labor and social security law,

Counseling on civil and criminal liability arising from work accidents and occupational diseases,

Preparing the legal infrastructure of the necessary measures to be taken in the area of occupational health and safety,

Preparation of the minutes, defense requesting letters, defenses, strikes, preparation of notification of termination,

Seniority and notice indemnity, labor receivables and follow-up of business restitution cases,

Financial and moral damages arising from work accidents and occupational diseases,

Claims for damages due to psychological harassment (mobing) at work

Negotiable law,

Losses and cancellations of exchange notes,

The receivables,

Compensation cases,

The preparation, amendment,

Preventing unfair competition and providing consultancy on consumer legislation issues,

Mergers, acquisitions and divisions of the company,

The lawsuits against the resolutions of the General Assembly and the shareholders’

Legal consultancy for the preparation of franchising contracts, agency contracts, international commercial contracts, construction contracts such as floor contracts and similar comprehensive contracts, execution of contract negotiations, reflection of the demands of the clients in contracts correctly and avoiding various possible conflicts.

Research, registration, protection and transfer of trademarks, patents, industrial designs and useful models in national and international arena, consultancy services and follow-up of cases arising from disputes.


Advising on IP rights in mergers and acquisitions

Preparation of licensing agreements and consultancy in licensing negotiations

Preparation of execution proceedings for collection of receivables,

Lawsuits related with removal of objection and cancellation of objection

The preparation of objections against the enforcement proceedings initiated,

The opening of the cases of determination and appeal,

Applying for complaints against unlawful enforcement proceedings,

Bankruptcy postponement,

Making debt settlement negotiations, preparation of peace protocols,

Cancel cases,

Full judicial cases,

Administrative applications and objections to be made,

The cancellation of expropriation,

Without land expropriation and ecrimisil suits,

The determination of the expropriation value,

The cancellation of the development plans,

Construction contracts for flat floors, works contracts, sub-employment contracts, preparation of promises of real estate sales promises,

Making legal status determination and preparing the report

Land registry cancellation and registration cases,

The prevention of possessory actions (men’s intervention)

Adequate pay cases,

Removal of the partnership) cases

The lawsuits arising from the Property Law,

Cases related with pre-purchase right,  right of passage

Regulation of all kinds of contracts related to real estates,

Preparation of rent contracts,

The rent receivables, the determination of the rent and the increase of the rent amount,

Renter’s eviction case,

Sale Contracts, negotiations between buyer and seller, preparation of peace protocols

Actions to be taken by the Consumer Arbitration Board

Production of legal remedies against consumer complaints

Solution of disputes arising from defective goods or defective service

Resolution of disputes in Consumer and Commercial Courts

Agreed and contentious divorce cases,

Pecunary and non-pecuniary damages cases

Child support cases

Custody cases,

In the case of material and moral damages and engagement gifts related to the end of the engagement,

Preparation of marriage contracts and property regime contracts,

The rejection of the pedigree  (paternity) and paternity cases

Enforcement and recognition cases,

The laws arising from the Law on Protection of the Family,

Receipt of inheritance documents (inheritance)

Testamentum  cancellation cases,

Action of reduction cases,

Resolving all kinds of legal disputes related to the inheritance,

Preparation of complaints and notification petitions, making applications,

Following up the criminal files from the investigation phase to the execution phase,


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